Brain-Based Trauma Treatment


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Neuroscience research is providing insight into why, when, and with whom specific psychotherapeutic approaches may be beneficial. However, translating neuroscience research into practice can be a daunting task.This seminar outlines for attendees some key areas involved in trauma, and provides examples of psychotherapeutic techniques that have been shown to alter those areas of the brain in the direction of health and recovery. You will leave this seminar feeling confident about how to take a brain-based approach to trauma treatment, equipped with therapeutic tools and techniques you can start using tomorrow!Objectives:a. Name five areas of the brain commonly implicated in trauma.b. Describe three ways to change the brain.c. Provide two examples of bottom-up brain-changing techniques and state how they alter brain activations.d. Provide two examples of top-down brain-changing techniques and state how they alter brain activations.e. Briefly describe the “Trauma Treatment Roadmap” and why the “order of operations” of trauma treatment is important.Instructional Level: IntermediateInstructor(s): Jennifer Sweeton, PsyD, MS, MAMaterial Author(s): Jennifer Sweeton, PsyD, MS, MAFor additional information about this course, the instructors, or the material authors, please contact Content Assistance at