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  • Jennifer Abel, PhD

    Dr. Jennifer L. Abel is an international speaker who has conducted over 300 workshops and seminars for mental health professionals and more recently keynote addresses to appeal to the general public and corporations. She was trained as a scientist-practitioner specializing in cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) and 3rd wave CBT for anxiety disorders in her clinical practice of over 20 years. She served as the Associate Director of the Stress and Anxiety Disorders Institute at Penn State prior to opening a private practice in St Louis, MO. She has published many articles in professional journals on her work in anxiety and behavioral medicine. Dr. Abel has published three books; her first, Active Relaxation, was published in 2010 and received outstanding reviews from mental health care professionals and readers alike. Her most recent book is a best seller: The Anxiety, Worry, and Depression Workbook. The two therapeutic card decks she authored and co-authored are also very popular.

  • Amanda Petrik-Gardner, LCPC

    Amanda Petrik-Gardner is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Kansas. She specializes in the treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors and anxiety disorders in her private practice in Topeka, KS. Amanda completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Kansas State University and her Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kansas. Amanda is a member of the International OCD Foundation where she completed the Behavioral Therapy Training Institute. She is a member of the TLC Foundation for BFRBs where she completed the Virtual Professional Training Institute. Amanda is also a board member of OCD Kansas, an affiliate of the International OCD Foundation.

  • Jennifer Sweeton, PsyD, MS, MA

    Originally trained as a neuroscientist, Dr. Jennifer Sweeton is a clinical and forensic psychologist, Amazon #1 best-selling author, and internationally-recognized expert on trauma, anxiety, and the neuroscience of mental health. She is the author of the book, Trauma Treatment Toolbox, published by PESI Publishing & Media. Dr. Sweeton completed her doctoral training at the Stanford University School of Medicine, the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, and the National Center for PTSD. Additionally, she holds a master's degree in affective neuroscience from Stanford University, and studied behavioral genetics at Harvard University. Dr. Sweeton resides in the greater Kansas City area, where she owns a group private practice, Kansas City Mental Health Associates, and co-owns Mind Works Professional Education, Inc., a continuing education company. She holds an adjunct faculty appointment at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, and is a former President of the Greater Kansas City Psychological Association. Dr. Sweeton offers clinical and forensic psychological services, and is a sought-after trauma and neuroscience expert who has trained more than 15,000 mental health professionals in all 50 US states and over 20 countries.

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Included in this certificate program (30.25 CE's), you'll...


Learn about all clinical facets of anxiety, including its neural mechanisms and how it presents in specific Anxiety Disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Related Disorders outlined in the DSM-5 TR.


Build a solid clinical diagnostic approach that easily identifies symptoms and comorbid disorders, provides differential diagnoses, and nails the correct primary disorder to inform treatment.


Learn how and why some clients become “stuck” in persistent patterns of obsessive thinking, maladaptive coping rituals, worry, and negative intrusive thoughts, as well as how to break these patterns safely.


Learn the “gold standard” evidence-based treatment for OCD and how to diagnose and treat destructive BFRB’s like skin picking and hair pulling, and help clients crush worry and panic with therapy techniques shown to be up to twice as effective as anxiolytics alone.


Learn effective cognitive and behavioral techniques you can use to assist clients in replacing unhealthy and destructive habits. Help clients create behavioral feedback loops that overcome setbacks and incentivize long-term change.


Get free admission to up to four, 1-hour consultation groups to troubleshoot your most difficult clinical cases.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Our Certificate in Anxiety Diagnosis & Treatment?

Anxiety is part of the human experience, and in normal doses it can be adaptive – a temporarily elevated state of mind (and body) to help us adequately address stressful situations toward safe resolution. But, when intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear occur with everyday situations and begin to interfere with daily living, anxiety becomes maladaptive – a marker of mental disease. It is comorbid with many other psychological conditions (e.g. depression, trauma, eating disorders), and it is arguably the most common presenting concern in the world of outpatient therapy today. Anxiety has become a first world epidemic and a hallmark of our modern industrial complex. Because it is such a common thread that runs through the collective center of modern mental illness, it is critical that all mental health clinicians obtain comprehensive and in-depth training in its diagnosis and treatment.


This comprehensive anxiety and OCD certificate program provides you with practical knowledge of the neural mechanisms and various environmental drivers of anxious distress you can easily understand and apply in all phases of therapy. This clinical training program is skills-intensive and contains everything you need to incorporate the newest and most effective evidence-based anxiety treatments in use today by top specialists in the field. You can do it in about 30 self-paced hours, and this certificate program does not require that you pay money over and over just to keep your certificate “current.” We believe that when you’ve gained these practical diagnosis and treatment skills, you don’t lose them after one year, or five years. Just as you don’t have to earn your degree over and over, practical therapy skills and clinical competence are improved over time, not lost, so long as you continue to practice these skills and seek education and consultation when appropriate. If you find that you’re getting a little rusty, or feeling a little tentative, we welcome you to attend our group consultations (up to 4 for FREE!), retake one or more of your enrolled on-demand program courses at no additional cost, or register for additional courses in our live or home study catalog. Individual consultation sessions are also available with an anxiety expert if you’d like some more individualized help.


When you earn your Certificate in Anxiety & OCD Diagnosis & Treatment, it becomes a signal to potential clients (and employers) that you’re ready and excited to help them identify anxious triggers, manage episodes and compulsions with adaptive coping, reduce worry and panic, repair relationships, and ultimately change their relationship with anxiety! And because the certificate doesn’t expire, you don’t have to worry about anyone telling you to stop listing it on your website, directory listings, etc.

We’re eager to help you start your anxiety and OCD learning adventure! If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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