Personality and Dissociative Disorders: Trauma, Coping and Repair


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This workshop is directed at exploring the link between trauma, dissociation and both dissociative and personality disorders. We will discuss how the brain is changed by trauma and how dissociative and personality disorders develop through attachment and attunement disruptions early in life. Although many of these disorders are seen as extremely difficult to treat, it is often simply that we are using methods that won’t work with this level of reactivity initially.


a). Identify at least three regions of the brain affected by trauma.

b). Describe the mechanism of shut down and dissociation.

c). State the main characteristics of the major personality disorders and differentiate.

d). Name at least two signs of dissociation and dropping into different regions of the brain.

e). Practice at least 2 methods for keeping clients engaged and connected in the process without dissociating.

f). Describe how to use specific tools and methods for encouraging emotional growth and regulation in patients.

Instructional Level: Intermediate

Instructor(s): Robert Cox, LPC

Material Author(s): Robert Cox, LPC

Robert Cox is an LPC in the state of Missouri and the president-elect of the American Counseling Association of Missouri. He owns a mental health practice, Life Recovery Consulting, with offices in Richmond and Liberty, MO. Robert is the author of the book, “The Life Recovery Method: Autism Treatment From a Trauma Perspective” and he specializes in Trauma with focuses in addiction and autism. Robert lectures frequently on regional and national levels about the issues of trauma, attachment and connection.

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