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Eating Disorder Continuing Education

Eating disorders are common but can be difficult to diagnose and treat. This diagnosis seminar on eating disorders teaches clinicians how, in a structured manner, to diagnose a variety of eating disorders. Additionally, this seminar helps clinicians determine the level of care that will best benefit clients, based on several factors.


a). Name at least two common myths about eating disorders.

b). Identify ways clients may mislead, disassociate, or under-report their symptoms.

c). Perform a thorough eating disorder assessment for diagnosis and determining the level of care.

d). State the function and role of ED’s and the factors that typically create an ED.

e). Identify higher levels of care in eating disorder treatment, assessing & connecting clients to the appropriate level of treatment.

f). State one way we can educate clients about treatment teams for eating disorders.

g). Name at least two different treatment modalities that have efficacy and are commonly used in the treatment of eating disorders.

Target Audience:

The target audience for this event includes psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed counselors, MFT’s, and other clinical mental health professionals.

Instructional Level: Intermediate

Instructor(s): Jenny Helms, LMFT

Material Author(s): Jenny Helms, LMFT

Jenny Helms is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist whose practice is exclusively devoted to treating Eating Disorders and healing trauma. Since she moved to Kansas in 2014, she has worked with clients in coaching, therapy, and hospital settings. Jenny has a passion for helping those struggling with eating issues and the issues that usually coincide with EDs including: self-esteem, lack of confidence, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and relationship problems. She also believes in FULL recovery for those struggling with Eating Disorders. In addition to her therapy work, she is an advocate for eating disorders and trauma education in the Wichita community, speaking and engaging with local organizations around town. Helms frequently presents on the topic of eating disorder treatment and prevention as well as trauma-informed treatments that incorporate both bottom-up and top-down therapy modalities to treat trauma. She created Soma Recovery to address the unmet needs of those looking for true transformation in Wichita, and has a passion for advocacy.

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