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Neural Desensitization: Integrating EMDR, IFS, & Other Approaches to Trauma (6 CE’s)


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What is NDIT, Exactly?:   


It’s a new evidence-informed integrated trauma treatment approach developed by clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Sweeton, a published expert in the neuroscience of trauma.  This 5-module comprehensive treatment helps therapists more quickly faciliatate trauma processing and recovery in even the most resistant or traumatized clients. NDIT is flexible and can be used alongside many other classic therapy modalities clinicians already know and love.


Several evidence-informed approaches to trauma can be immensely helpful to clients. However, a lot of these therapies are either rigid, making it difficult to stay client-centered, or vague, and mainly rooted in theory. Neural Desensitization and Integration Training (NDIT) is a module-based, exposure, trauma-focused approach to therapy for PTSD that integrates elements from EMDR, multichannel eye movement integration, prolonged exposure, IFS, and other therapies. The main goal of NDIT is to help clients titrate into processing traumatic material, so that flooding and retraumatization are minimized. Additionally, NDIT focuses on what clients do outside of session, and ways to facilitate progress though homework exercises. This one-day training will introduce you to the basic skills of NDIT, that you can begin incorporating into your practice right away!



What You’ll Learn:

  • The basics and core fundamentals of Neural Desensitization and Integration Training (NDIT) and how to deploy it easily in therapy.

  • How using NDIT can minimize flooding and retraumatization.

  • How to custom-tailor NDIT skills to specific DSM-5 trauma symptoms. 

  • How you can IMMEDIATELY implement these skills into your practice (regardless of your therapeutic orientation).

  • The 2 changes you NEED to make to decrease traumatic intensity during imaginal exposure.

  • How to determine the most effective form of bilateral stimulation for each client to more quickly facilitate desensitization to distressing thoughts or memories.





Your Teacher



  • Jennifer Sweeton, PsyD, MS, MA

    Originally trained as a neuroscientist, Dr. Jennifer Sweeton is a clinical and forensic psychologist, Amazon #1 best-selling author, and internationally-recognized expert on trauma, anxiety, and the neuroscience of mental health. She is the author of the book, Trauma Treatment Toolbox, published by PESI Publishing & Media. Dr. Sweeton completed her doctoral training at the Stanford University School of Medicine, the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, and the National Center for PTSD. Additionally, she holds a master's degree in affective neuroscience from Stanford University, and studied behavioral genetics at Harvard University. Dr. Sweeton resides in the greater Kansas City area, where she owns a group private practice, Kansas City Mental Health Associates, and co-owns Mind Works Professional Education, Inc., a continuing education company. She holds an adjunct faculty appointment at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, and is a former President of the Greater Kansas City Psychological Association. Dr. Sweeton offers clinical and forensic psychological services, and is a sought-after trauma and neuroscience expert who has trained more than 15,000 mental health professionals in all 50 US states and over 20 countries.


What Clinicians Are Saying About NDIT

I attended a one-day training on the overview of Dr. Sweeton's NDIT model and application. It was comprehensive and very engaging which is hard to do with the brain science where it can easily get too technical and anatomical. Brain is so fascinating and Dr. Sweeton offered so many ways to use the power of the brain to treat people with traumatic experiences. I plan to attend more courses by Dr. Sweeton!
Daksha A. Avatar
Daksha A.
Excellent NDIT training. She was excellent, very intelligent and informative. Easy to understand and apply to my work. Thank you so much Dr. Sweeton!
Eva K. Avatar
Eva K.
Dr. Sweeton provided a very organized, engaging and informative training on Neural Desensitization: Tools to Integrate EMDR, IFS, & Other Approaches to Trauma. This course is a great introduction to NDIT.
Michelle W. Avatar
Michelle W.