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  • Jerrod Brown, PhD, MA, MS, MS, MS

    Jerrod Brown, Ph.D., M.A., M.S., M.S., M.S., is a professor, trainer, researcher, and consultant with multiple years of experience teaching collegiate courses. Jerrod is also the founder and CEO of the American Institute for the Advancement of Forensic Studies (AIAFS). Jerrod has also provided consultation services to a number of caregivers, professionals, and organizations pertaining to topics related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD), fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), confabulation, suggestibility, trauma and other life adversities, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and youth firesetting. Jerrod has completed four separate master’s degree programs and holds graduate certificates in Neuropsychology, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Other Health Disabilities (OHD), and Traumatic-Brain Injuries (TBI). Jerrod has also conducted over 200 workshops, webinars, and on-demand trainings for various organizations and professional and student audiences. In 2021, Jerrod completed a post-doctoral certificate in Leadership and Organizational Strategy from Walden University and a Professional Certificate in Forensic Psychology from San Diego State University Global Campus. Currently, Jerrod is pursuing a graduate certificate in Neuroscience and the Law from Michigan State University. Jerrod has published several articles and book chapters, and recently, co-edited the book Forensic Mental Health: A Source Guide for Professionals (Brown & Weinkauf, 2018) with Erv Weinkauf. Jerrod is also regularly featured on several national and international podcast programs. Email:

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Included in this certificate program (27.5 CE's) is...


Densely packed and engaging instruction customized to help you understand, predict, treat, and ultimately prevent criminal and violent behaviors.


Actionable tools to work more effectively and confidently with criminal justice-involved individuals and/or those who engage in anti-social, dangerous, irrational, or other externalizing problematic behaviors.


Case studies and empirical research curated from the disciplines of neuroscience, physiology, biology, genetics, and psychology to help you understand the most violent offenders and develop comprehensive criminal profiles for accurate case conceptualization.


Reliable and valid screening tools to help you better evaluate risk factors that increase the likelihood a person might engage in dangerous, sadistic, antisocial, murderous, or other violent criminal behavior.


Free admission to up to four, 1-hour consultation sessions to troubleshoot your most difficult trauma cases.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Our “Certificate Program” in Clinical Neurocriminology?

Good question! – this exclusive training program contains unique and specialized education that is difficult or near impossible to find anywhere else. The concepts Dr. Brown teaches are grounded in relevant empirical research and real-world academic and field experience that is useful for professionals in the fields of clinical mental health, social work, medicine, education, and law. The program is affordable (i.e. you can also get it on a payment plan with instant access, or as part of our cost-effective “Everything Plan” membership). Better yet – you can ask us for a special discount!

How can this certification help you? You’ll gain the skills to thoroughly apply an in-depth understanding of the various psychological, biological, neurological, and social drivers of dangerous and criminal behavior. This specialized knowledge is crucial for those working with criminal justice-involved individuals across all public and private institutions. Learn techniques to accurately apply this world-class instruction in your evaluation of risk factors that may increase an individual’s likelihood of committing a violent criminal offense. Learn best-practice screening tools and interventions that are used to evaluate incoming offenders, accurately build criminal profiles or case conceptualizations, provide necessary care, and establish better systems of criminal rehabilitation and prevention.  

Build a foundational understanding of the early childhood indicators and adverse childhood experiences that increase the overall risk of engaging in violent behavior. With an improved understanding of a person’s past experiences comes greater empathy and the capacity to better predict and prevent the frequency of violence in civil society.

No prerequisites are required to enroll in this comprehensive certification program. You can enroll today and receive instant access regardless of how you choose to pay. Take your time to complete each program course – No due dates or time limits to complete!

Our program does not require that you pay money over and over just to keep your certificate. We believe that when you’ve gained this up-to-date, empirical research-informed knowledge and related best-practice screening and intervention tools, you don’t lose this information after one year, or five years. The most important part of maintaining your competence in the practice of your profession is to obtain expert-led continuing education, practice your skills, and seek consultation or supervision as appropriate.

We’ve got you covered, mental health providers!

If you find that you’re getting a little dusty, or feeling a little tentative in your clinical applications, we welcome you to attend a 1 hour group case consultation session (included with your enrollment), or retake one or more of your program courses at no additional cost. Individual consultation sessions with Dr. Jerrod Brown may also be available upon request (subject to his hourly rate) if you’d like more individualized help.

When you earn your Certificate in Clinical Neurocriminology, it becomes a credibility marker that can help you communicate to potential clients, employers, and stakeholders that you’re ready to provide relevant and specialized expertise! And because your program certificate does not expire, you don’t have to worry about anyone telling you to stop listing it on your website, directory listings, etc.

DISCLAIMER: No credential earned in the pursuit of continuing education guarantees competency to practice, and there is no expressed or written consent, direct or implied, given by Mind Works Professional Education, Inc. or its affiliates regarding your competency, ability, or legal right to practice in any licensed professional discipline. You must adhere to all licensing laws, rules, regulations, codes, and ethical guidelines of your state professional licensing authority.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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