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There is a saying that really resonates with us. It’s: “You can’t sell a secret.” Unfortunately, many skilled and talented therapists remain a secret on the Internet, where most potential clients go to find a therapist. This professional development workshop provides practical skills and tools for increasing online visibility, and helps clinicians build their practice by clarifying for potential clients what they offer! Attend this seminar to learn how to:

-Get seen even in a saturated market
-Include essential information/website copy
-Draft a Psychology Today profile that stands out
-Build your reputation via Google Reviews
Choosing which social media platforms to focus on
-How to create a professional Facebook presence
-Google reviews
-Website development in a nutshell
-Content creation that won’t take up all your time and energy
-The ever-changing world of SEO; boosting SEO without the frustration


*None required – this course does not offer CE’s, as it is a professional practice building online seminar.

Instructional Level: Intermediate

Instructor(s): Timothy W. Cassidy, MBA, CTACC

Material Author(s): Timothy W. Cassidy, MBA, CTACC

Tim is the founder and CEO of Mind Works Professional Education, Inc., the parent company to Online CE Credits. He is also the Operations Director of Kansas City Mental Health Associates. He has an MBA from the University of Central Oklahoma and is a results-oriented leader, manager, and business owner. He has over 5 years of online marketing experience developing the marketing platform for Online CE Credits and managing the marketing efforts of sister company Kansas City Mental Health Associates.

For additional information about this course, the instructors, or the material authors, please contact Content Assistance at content@onlinececredits.com. 

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