Thank you for enrolling in our Certificate Program!

Congratulations!! Your program is now fully enrolled to your Dashboard –  Please click HERE to get started.


  1. You must be logged in to access and complete your courses (Dashboard > My Courses).
  2. DO NOT attempt to complete the “Certificate in XXX” wrap-up course module first – open that once all other course modules are complete!!
  3. Disregard any red banner notices at the top of a main course page – those are simply info notices. Ignore or X out of those.
  4. Course materials for most courses are found in the Lesson module (accessible from the BOTTOM of the main course page).


You have access to each of the individual program courses in your Dashboard, which you can view when logged in at You will also see a course module for the certificate program itself, which serves as the wrap-up module and generates your program level certificate with post-nominal credential.

Your certificate documents will generate in your Dashboard after completion and will be automatically emailed to you as well. Here are some things to remember:



1. Payment of your program fee grants you access to all program courses for the life of the certificate program.

Note: If you enrolled on a payment plan, you are contractually obligated to complete all monthly payments. You were presented with (and required to acknowledge) these Terms at enrollment.

2. You will complete each program course individually as you would any other home study course on our platform (i.e. Lesson, Quiz, Evaluation). You may complete individual program courses in any order you choose.

3. You will receive a CE certificate of completion when you complete each individual program course.

4. CE credits for program courses are duly earned upon each individual course completion, whether or not you complete the entire certificate program.

5. Please complete the “Certificate in XXX” course module LAST. If you attempt to complete this before ALL individually enrolled program courses are completed, you will receive a hard stop.

6. There are no due dates to complete this certficate program, and your certification document with credential, once earned, does not expire nor does it require ongoing renewal.

7. You maintain access to all program course content as long as we host the courses on our platform.



Thank you, and enjoy!

-Online CE Credits Team (