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This course will introduce attendees to how trauma affects development of the brain and what that means for early attachment and attunement issues. We will look at trauma and the neuroscience of development, how trauma interferes with our ability to connect in a healthy way, and what we know about brain plasticity and how it can be used to heal psychological trauma. Attendees will be given real world examples in addition to learning new techniques for working with the plasticity of the brain to begin repair.


a). Practice assessing trauma in children

b). State at least two resilience factors

c). Identify and apply methods to foster attachment and attunement

d). Name at least two specific methods in mindfulness and self-regulation to help children and adults begin repair work

e). Practice specific strategies to assist in learning and behavioral change in challenging cases

Target Audience:

The target audience for this event includes psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed counselors, MFT’s, and other clinical mental health professionals.

Instructional Level: Intermediate

Instructor(s): Robert Cox, LPC

Material Author(s): Robert Cox, LPC

Robert Cox is an LPC in the state of Missouri and the president-elect of the American Counseling Association of Missouri. He owns a mental health practice, Life Recovery Consulting, with offices in Richmond and Liberty, MO. Robert is the author of the book, “The Life Recovery Method: Autism Treatment From a Trauma Perspective” and he specializes in Trauma with focuses in addiction and autism. Robert lectures frequently on regional and national levels about the issues of trauma, attachment and connection.

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