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Did you know 37% of Autistics also have OCD? April Kilduff, MA, LCPC, LPCC, LMHC is a Therapist & Clinical Training Specialist who has worked with this intersection for the last 14 years. Through her experience as a therapist, clinical trainer, and Autistic person herself, she has found important distinctions to understand, as well as how to successfully adapt Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP) so it works for neurodivergent minds. Most of us will work with Autistic clients at some point in our careers. In order to provide helpful intervention, it is important to learn how Autism presents in a client, as well as some important clinical considerations that arise when Autism and OCD occur together. This is an Autistic voice-led training, arguably the best way to learn about working with Autism, which is just as misunderstood, nuanced & idiosyncratic as OCD. Real case examples will be incorporated to help give perspective and enrich the overall learning experience so participants can more easily apply interventions. Our expert presenter for this training program is autistic herself & very passionate about this particular area of clinical treatment. She enjoys sharing her clinical knowledge and passion for helping neurodiverse clients at all life stages!


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Attendance and Location Details


Date and Time


Friday, August 9, 2024

10am-1pm CST / 11am-2pm EST / 8am-11am PST


*Zoom link will be emailed to you 24-48 hours prior to event date



This training will provide participants clinical knowledge and tools to:

a). Identify and describe similarities & differences between OCD & Autism.

b). Learn and practice traditional and adapted ERP skills with neurotypical clients v. neurodivergent clients.

c). Learn and implement Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP) “tips” within your practice to improve the care you provide to neurodivergent clients with OCD.


Target Audience:

Mental Health Clinicians & Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapists, Counselors, School Personnel, Youth Development Workers; Healthcare Workers


Instructional Level: Intermediate

Instructor(s): April Kilduff, MA, LCPC, LPCC, LMHC

Material Author(s): April Kilduff, MA, LCPC, LPCC, LMHC

April Kilduff, MA, LCPC, LPCC, LMHC is a Therapist & Clinical Training Specialist with her own private practice & also contracted with NOCD. Previously she worked in OCD/Anxiety IOP/PHPs in the Ascension & Rogers Behavioral Health Hospitals in Chicago. April also served as a Clinical Director at a group practice where she trained staff on treating OCD with Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP). OCD has great treatment options, meaning people really can get better. Doing ERP allows her to do clinical work as well as exercise her creativity to come up with effective ERPs. Additionally, she enjoys working with autistic adults struggling with OCD & was identified as autistic herself in 2022. When not working, you can find her at home with her 2 cats, reading, taking photos & traveling the world.

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