EMDR Worksheets & Handouts for the Original 8-Phase Model


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Worksheets and Handouts – Tools for EMDR Therapy

This comprehensive e-book, developed by world renowned trauma psychologist and trainer Dr. Jennifer Sweeton, provides clinicians with step-by-step instructions, worksheets, and handouts as they begin using EMDR skills in their own practice. While the phases presented stay true to the original 8-phase model, some modifications are recommended, and those are reflected in these handouts (such as the recommendation to reverse Phase 6 and Phase 5, in terms of ordering).

Additionally, while Dr. Sweeton’s e-books usually include a table of contents and numbered pages/materials, this e-book does not contain these, as each worksheet/handout is meant to stand on its own. These worksheets and handouts are great tools and resources to use in conducting EMDR therapy with clients, even if you haven’t attended one of Dr. Sweeton’s EMDR trainings. Each worksheet and handout is designed to be implemented as a stand-alone resource you can begin using in your EMDR practice today!