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This course provides mental health professionals with information and ethical guidelines regarding technology-based therapeutic tools, the use of social media, and the use of telemental health/e-therapy services with a variety of mental health conditions.


     a.) Name at least two possible negative consequences of therapist self-disclosure on Facebook.

     b.) State three safeguards recommended for therapists using Facebook, which can reduce ethical breaches and dilemmas.

     c.) Identify at least three different types of technologies commonly used in the prevention or treatment of mental health conditions.

     d.) Discuss the importance of distinguishing between one’s personal and professional online identity, and how merging these two identities may impact the therapeutic alliance with clients.

Target Audience:

The target audience for this event includes psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed counselors, MFT’s, and other clinical mental health professionals.

Instructional Level: Intermediate

Instructor(s): Jennifer Sweeton, PsyD, MS, MA

Material Author(s): Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; Anastasia Kotsopoulou, Athanasios Melis, Violetta-Irene Koutsompou, & Christina Karasarlidou; Kyriaki G. Giota & George Kleftaras; Leah Brew, Joseph M. Cervantes, & David Shepard; Keely Kolmes, DeeAnna Merz Nagel, & Kate Anthony    

For additional information about this course, the instructors, or the material authors, please contact Content Assistance at 

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